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The video album

OUT 01.NOV.2017

On all stream + download services

9 tracks &  9 videos

Artist:              Fullface

Album:            Flexicurity

Cat.No:           PGS023
Release date: 01. 11.2017
Format:           Digital full length album mp3, wave, 9 tracks, 9 videos

Label:              PG Sounds

Music by:        Fullface

Videos by:      Jacob Tekiela

Press:             Please contact PG Sounds for promo, interviews + more.


9 tracks & 9 videos  makes the album "Flexicurity"









The sequel to 2015 ́s album "Creoletronica" is artistically the most ambitious release from the danish artist Fullface. As well as for us here at PG Sounds. "Flexicurity" continues with the same approach to composition, production and Schwung, but the music is still knifed-in between performative playing-styles and computer based constructions. And though it still draws upon Nu-jazz and worldmusic elements, its retro-modern relations to roots music still don ́t sound like the formulas it grows from.

  • “Flexicurity “ is nine compositions with each their own vocabulary and Imagery.

  • " Flexicurity " is both an audio and visual experience.


Fullface has previously collaborated with the photographer Jacob Tekiela . In this collaboration visuals have been accommodated to serve as additional instruments in the music.


Jakob Tekiela:

“The videos are as different as the musics they are immersed in. However, they share an overall coherent universe. Their look and feel is more associated with the realm of The Graphic Arts than with the domain of fixed storytelling."

“Based on a handful of dogmas; The videos were recorded in a very fast flow, to catch the jazzy vibe of improvisation and orchestral textures of “Flexicurity”.

Colour, blurring, and macro recordings were designed as guided chance-operations, allowing the visuals to work with as little interference as possible in the subsequent editing-proces . Thus, camera and technique became an instrument that dance with “The Band” ; rather than being the add-on that you often see. This led to the formulation of a graphic universe: DARK AMBIENT VISUALS.

The black breaks in the flow of the imagery give the viewer space to fill in his own repertoire. And at the same time, the dark accents interact rhythmically with the pulse of a track .”

"Flexicurity" can be seen as an album of videos online. Or Flexicurity" can be streamed and downloaded as a collection of tracks via the sites and platforms you know."


About Fullface.

Fullface is a Danish producer and composer and bandleader. Originally Fullface was created as a free form avantgarde live band back in Aarhus in the late 1980's. But since then Fullface has been a one man enterprise. Situated  up at the northern coast of Zealand/ Danmark. Here, where the sea and  the land meets with wild wind and the biggest sky you can imagine, music is being programmed, played recorded and produced. So far 2 albums has come since 2013 and the 3rd is already scheduled for 2018.

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