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Mario Sillia street

Mario Swagga and DJ Silila have a truly distinctive and original sound. Coming from the informal settlements of Kiwalani, Dar es Salaam Mario Swagga and DJ Silila’s music captures the restless energy of young people in this growing metropolis. This is music to get moving to as Mario sings in Party La Uhakika (Epic Party) “Party as hard as you can, party with the vibe, this is an epic party”.


Jiyu is the Copenhagen based duo who has a special dedication to beats, impro jazz, electronica and beats. Recently released their first ep here at PG Sounds with great support from international djs such as Jon Kennedy, Rob Da Bank, Tom Middleton, DJ Vadim, DJ2000F amo. Currently working on more beats for future releases coming in 2017.

Thor De Force

Thor De Force Danish/American producer & guitarist Thor Madsen. Part of the Nublu crew in New York for several years. His list of collaborations, productions and releases are endless. His debut for PG Sounds is a timeless soundtrack for life. "Sundays In September" 4 single tracks released on every sunday during september 2016. The music is downtempo, jazzy, abstract and cinematic.

Zetzum Zorglub

Zetzum Zorglub Is a young orchestra from the Copenhagen underground. They made their album debut for PG Sounds back in 2015. So far they have released 2 albums with pure instrumental music composed and produced by bandleader & guitarist Buster Jensen. Line-up: Kaare Bjerke, Andreas Møller Bøttiger, Kristoffer Tophøj, Sven Dam Meinild, Buster Jensen.

Hunter As a Horse

Hunter As a Horse are Paul Gala on piano, synths and machines and Mia van Wyk on vocals and guitar. We discovered them via mutual friend & producer Ewan Pearson. Their first EP for PG Sounds "The Two Magics vol. 1 " can be described as a psychedelic synth-infused journey filled with stories of wolves, spirits and a first kiss shared in the woods. The sound is distinctly their own - a surprisingly comfortable blend of folk, disco and pop with dark cinematic leanings.


Fullface Is strong beats, free form programming and taking you on a musical trip you think you heard before, but no... Its jazz, world-music. Its Avantgarde and life. Full of energy.

Alice Carreri

Alice Carreri One of the most diverse and delicate female singers we know. Alice works with musical, jazz, pop, electronica and has collaborated with lots of producers and artists as well as appearing in several music scores. We are currently working on new material & tracks


Dodebum Foremost a musician, not a just an electronic producer. Originally from Sweden but moved to Copenhagen many years ago. When working under his alias Dodebum its about playing with loops, 3D science and cutting up compostions. We adore his work and consider him as the Danish answer to Autechre and Aphex Twin. So far he has released a series of 3 eps for PG Sounds.

Bogan Via

Bogan Via Are Madeleine Miller and Bret Bender from Phoenix, Arizona. PG Sounds collaborated with this wonderful duo for their first 2 ep releases and are exclusive label for them in Scandinavia. We love their twisted bubblegum synth pop and hope you fall in love with them too

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