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PG Sounds  is a micro label originally from Copenhagen. Established in 2013 in Frederiksberg borough, just outside the citycenter of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

Later on the label has been moving around Scandinavia. First to the island of Lolland - Lalandia - where is was based in the wonderful countryside near the lakes of Maribo. For 2 years  the label has been producing tracks and releases surrounded by wheat fields, birds, a massive big fruit garden and lots of open space.

Now currently resident far up north in the artic hemisphere. I Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. With a view towards the fjords where the northern lights flashes through the dark winter nights. 

The Idea_

With a micro label to move easy and fast to get tracks out online. No big fuzz, no pain contracts with artists, just simple focus on getting the artist out there, the music and collaborate as good as possible with the resources combined by artist and label. Very eco community based.. for the love of the music.


SInce the early 90s  the label founder Jesper has been working in the music business. With indie label distribution, music management, events and djing. But never thinking about doing a label, as there are really enough music labels in the world today. We do not need a label more...

But due to some collaborations with the Arizona based duo Bogan Via it suddenly seemed natural to move on to establish a micro label, and now 3 years later and close to 20 releases the label is kinda established.

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